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Different Methods of PDR.

A Dent Remover After PDR

The Majority of small to large dents can be repaired with excellent results.

The typical repair process starts with gaining access between an opening between the dropped door window glass and the weather strip, or gaining assess behind a body trim which is carefully removed

A Dent Remover After PDR


Dents and creases on doors, bonnets and open panels are repaired using specialist tools such as shaped bars with precision tips, a sighting board to read the damage and nylon tap down stick with weighted hammers to carefully massage the dent out of the panel, amazing flawless results from an olden day technique.

Using specially designed tools the technician will manipulate and massage the area to release the pressure, and process to remove the dent.


A Dent Remover After PDR

A small hammer and knock down is used to tap around the dented area to release the pressure caused by an impact, the dent will be removed to a flawless finish.

Dents and creases in non accessible areas or 'restricted access' areas such as roof rails, roofs. 1/4 arch panels etc cannot be repaired by tools such as bars, so we use the specialist glue repair system.

A Dent Remover After PDR

A Dent Remover After PDR

This is basically a selection of shaped 'mushroom' looking tabs, a formulated hot glue for the purpose and a lifting device. This sounds and looks simple but takes a great amount of skill to master. Martin at Dent-Remover prides himself on specialising in this department.

A Dent Remover After PDR



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