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How Much Does It Cost For A Professional Dent Repair?

Before we can give you a price for your repair we need to inspect the damage in the workshop where the factors below are taken into account and from this information we can then give you the full cost for the repair.

  • The depth of the damage
  • The diameter of the dent
  • Where the damage is on the panel
  • How to access to the back of the dent, Strip and refit of trims?
  • The severity of the damage
  • Make and model of the car
  • The colour of the vehicle
  • The age and condition of the paint
  • Is the vehicle Steel/Aluminium?
  • What caused the damage?

Whilst some dents may look very similar, they very often present different challenges for our technician and each repair takes a different approach to achieve a professional high quality repair.

The price brackets below are for GUIDE PURPOSES ONLY based on our previous repairs to give you an indication. Our technician will evaluate the above factors in person, explain the repair process and give you a quotation for your repair.

If you are looking for the cheapest dent repair or a ‘make do’ repair, then we may not be who your looking for! If you want a professional service and the highest quality repair possible then please read on...

To explain why the price varies is due to the work that may be involved in gaining access behind the damage. There maybe obstructions such as impact-bars, strengthening box sections or even sound deadening pads will demand a different approach to getting that perfect repair.

Types Of Dents

Normal Damage  

Normal damage – Dings And Dents

From £75 -£200

Normal damage should in theory be the most straight forward to repair. These dents would be fairly round in shape and located on a flat or gentle curved part of the panel and not be deep or stretched. They would not be the type of dent that you can feel with your hand when rubbing over the surface, but are easily visible when you look at a reflection in the panel.

Complex Damage  

Complex Damage

From £95 -£300

Complex damage is more severe than normal damage, the dents will be more defined and often have un even surface within the dent. Often located around body lines, complex damage would require far more time and skill in order to free up the metal.. Different methods would be used to carefully ease out the damage, Glue pull systems may be required for some dents.

Large, Extreme Damage  

Large, Extreme Damage

From £300 - £2000+

Large and extreme damage often involves multiple panel repairs and can have many causes, but are often the result of minor collisions where the paint remains intact, vandalism (such as someone running over a car roof/bonnet) or even hailstones.. This type of damage requires the highest level of skill combined with the latest cutting edge tools and an immense amount of patience.

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